Monday, December 8, 2008


Many injured and disabled workers in Saskatchewan have been unfairly treated by their case managers at WCB who are fraudulently administering many injured workers injury claims.This is NOT helping injured workers in their struggle to have or regain their health recovery. Case managers like Sylvia Tarasoff Scharback must be held accountable if anything is to change for injured or disabled workers. Saskatchewan WCB must realize that only with proper medical treatment and HONESTY in claims adjudication will injured or disabled workers be able to regain their health recovery and become contributing members of society. DENYING injured workers anything and everything is just plain BAD FAITH claim practice and must stop immediately. My injury claim files are PROOF of how case managers with NO MEDICAL DEGREE are actually causing further injury by DENYING physicians recommendations with their BLATANT FRAUDULENT ACTIONS designed to minimize and marginalize injured workers injuries so that Saskatchewan WCB can offload the cost of medical care and wage benefit replacements to Saskatchewan Taxpayers.Recent information recently provided DETAILS the many ways that Saskatchewan WCB and their employees have also Fraudulently and with Bad Faith DENIED many other injured workers their health recovery by VIOLATING injured workers, Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Dave from Saskatoon, has been posting YouTube Videos titled ( WCBullets in the mail ) Dave has already placed over 10 YouTube videos documenting his struggle to obtain his health recovery, due to a work injury that he suffered, that was undiagnosed for 10 years due to the corruption that exists at The Saskatchewan Workers Compensation Board.I myself have suffered much like Dave, and many others, as WCB and their employees are Fraudulently administering my injury claims and have actually caused me further injury that they have DENIED me treatment for and have been forcing me into a Physiotherapy Program that is aggravating my DIAGNOSED INJURIES and causing excruciating pain and further injury. Throughout my claim file, information has been placed to minimize and marginalize my injuries so WCB can DENY me medical treatment, or operations needed for rehabilitation from my work injuries.Saskatchewan WCB has returned me to work on pain medications that have made my job EXTREMELY DANGEROUS to Saskatchewan Citizens and myself, even though Physicians have asked WCB to investigate my reason for pain and provide diagnostic tests, Saskatchewan WCB has REFUSED and has returned me to work, severely injured without a proper diagnose or treatment that causes severe pain to escalate and is likely to have catastrophic consequences for myself or other Citizens who drive on Saskatchewan roadways.As a Saskatchewan resident, many of you are covered under the Workers Compensation Act 1979. You must ask yourself, if I am injured in a work accident who will PROTECT me from the BAD FAITH or FRAUDULENT actions of employees at the Saskatchewan WCB, who are detrimentally working to AVOID helping injured and disabled workers and forcing them to vexatious appeals designed to frustrate injured workers to give up their fight to regain their health and become a contributing member of society.This BLOG has been created to educate Saskatchewan Citizens to what is really happening at the office's of the WCB and how WCB employees are actually carrying out their job duties.If you would like to add your comment to this blog please reply to and state if you would like your email address withheld from viewer's or it will be published in it's entirety. All replies are held with strictest confidentiality.


Dear Fix, I am presently injured and in a physiotherapy program in Saskatoon. My physiotherapy program is a set of exercises, that consists of stretching and using machines for weight training to build muscle that I have lost since my work injury. I am unable to do these weight training exercises as they flare my injury up and cause severe swelling and excruciating pain which I have pointed out to the physiotherapist who has asked my physician for a referral to the pain clinic, which he has done and hope to get help their. My case manager at WCB, who refused to follow my physicians wishes, early in my claim, resulted in causing me further injury, which she/WCB has denied me help for. So I am being progressed in the physiotherapy program without any help or consideration for this injury. I have been sent to multiple specialists by WCB and they all refuse to send me for further tests that I need to identify the extent of my injury. However some of these specialists have stated to me that I need an operation that has only a 50/50 chance of relieving my pain and is very dangerous and could have very serious consequences if performed, and possible leave me in a vegetative state. My case manager who I have asked about this has refused to address this and just states their is no reason for my pain? When I pushed her for an answer, she hung up the phone on me and when i called back she stated that I was being abusive, and just ended the call again without giving me any reason. My claim file that was sent to me from WCB is filled with libel / slander / bias / from many involved who were supposed to HELP me in my time of need yet did everything possible NOT to help me and in fact are trying to cover-up their mistakes that have caused me further injury. I am presently not attending physiotherapy due to the fact it is making my injuries worse and is causing me severe pain which requires more and more pain meds to attain relief. I just filed another appeal due to my case managers fraudulent administration of my injury claim, and am prepared to file a lawsuit against her for her negligence and her outright sabotage of my health recovery. Can you advise me what i should do?

Thanx, Another, WCB VICTIM.


Attention WCB Victim.

You should apply for a medical review panel immediately, WCB forces injured workers to a marathon of appeals. Many injured workers are forced to endure the Bad Faith program that WCB has instituted DENY EVERYTHING and ANYTHING! This is how WCB actually HARMS injured workers further and frequently many injured workers who then return to work injured without proper diagnose of their injury and are further injured and DENIED help once again. This is the WCB program you probably have heard about, it is called "STARVING THE INJURED WORKER BACK TO WORK" This is WCB's favorite program as once you return to work, WCB will then state' "see they were just faking and are not hurt" this is done to suggest that you don't need any medical help and have been exaggerating your pain, for monetary reward. Many injured workers have lived this abuse, and have suffered from these BAD FAITH TACTIC'S that WCB is well known for. Unfortunately, many injured workers who haven't been properly diagnosed due to WCB involvement in the injured workers claim frequently suffer further injury and then are in worse shape as WCB again will use the same BAD FAITH TACTIC'S to make sure that you don't receive any help for your injuries once again. Filing a lawsuit against your case manager should only be done with the help of a competent attorney unless you are very very skilled in interpreting law and know how the court system actually functions. I would immediately consult with a qualified attorney who is familiar with workers compensation and has experience in this area of administrative law. In Saskatchewan, Workers Compensation enjoys some protection from lawsuit, and this is why they frequently abuse injured workers with their FRAUDULENT METHODS, designed to DENY you medical operations or diagnostic tests, etc. etc. You must have an experienced lawyer when filing a lawsuit as WCB has millions of dollars to protect themselves and their employees from lawsuit, if you are lucky enough to win at your first level of court, WCB will likely appeal the decision and it probably will have to go to the Supreme Court of Canada for final determination and judgement. This is very expensive and time consuming so be prepared as this is not something that is easily solved and takes years to resolve at the best of times. However, in Alberta an injured worker did just this thing and was successful. Information about this can be found at the website CIWS.CA (Canadian Injured Workers under law court decisions.

I wish you the best of luck.